Concept Tours

Concept Tours

 Concept Tours

MMatan Travels conducts custom-made concept tours. Join us for one of our tours and we guarantee to provide you a unique in-depth Israel travel experience.

Winery Tours

Wine Tours – Custom made winery tours. We will visit vineyards and discover Israeli boutique wineries such as Carmel, Galilee and Golan Heights.

Culinary tours -. Matan Travels specializes in historical food & cultural tours. Together we will explore the diversity of the Israeli cousins as well as the israeli versions of global cuisines.We will visit markets, boutique restaurants (Hasalon, Hazaken VeHayam, Tel Aviv -Yafo Restaurant, Machne Yehuda restaurant), pastry shops and more and will also taste history, art and architecture.

Helicopter Tours – an unforgettable experience, seeing Israel from a different perspective, the eye of the bird. A spectacular way to see israel. Top safety.

Jeep Tours – exploring israel countryside in an adventurous and fun way

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