VIP Tours for Christians – Discover Israel through Your Eyes

The true voyage of discovery aims not to find new sites, but to see them with fresh eyes

 Marcel Proust


Enrich Your Faith

Whether it is a one day tour or multi-day tour, you will have an unforgettable experience that will enrich your faith and make your spiritual journey at the holy land unforgettable.

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Not Just The “Must See” Sites

Not just ordinary mainstream tours that cover all the “must-see” sites but rather tours that include the many faces of the land of Jesus. We will explore the different layers of the most holy land in the world, capturing its realities and challenges.


The Ideal Itinerary For You

The most important elements we take under consideration while tailoring your perfect itinerary is your personal preference infused with our knowledge of the land. connecting spirit and land is the essence of our mission. 

  • One stop services: best hotels, luxury transportation, best VIP restaurants and professional fascinating guidance.
  • Faith-based flexible itinerary, discover Israel in your pace
  • Leisure time for self-expression and relaxation
  • Best rates for all services
  • Free travel consultation before the tour
  • Tailored made tours for your needs and wills

The Ideal Itinerary For You

  • Footsteps of Jesus – Following Jesus from Birth to Resurrection.
  • The Roots of Christianity – Where It All Begins, travel to the first Christian communities, following the footsteps of their journey in the land.
  • Jerusalem – Past and Present – What do we know so far from the archeological expeditions in jerusalem over the years? what can we learn from it? seeing faith and science merging into one powerful experience.

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